Vacation Rental ~ Stinson Beach, CA

There is nothing that symbolizes the Northern California Coastline more than the overexposed grey siding of an adorably bohemian beach bungalow. It's today's VRBO Stinson Beach Rental that makes a warm fire, dense fog, smells of cypress and the sounds of the pacific endlessly romantic. Just 30 minutes north of San Francisco it would make the perfect cozy and comfortable wintertime beach getaway.
This beachfront home has a well-equipped kitchen and cozy wood stove (firewood provided) and/or a lovely separate cottage you can fill with friends. If you are going on a romantic getaway you can rent just the detached studio cottage for $1300/week; or if you are on a couples weekend you can rent the 1 bedroom house, $2200/week. Or why not rent them both for $2800/week. Regarding the design - I'm completely obsessed with the red doors and copper bathroom accessories!


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