A Teeny-Tiny Texas Travel Trailer

Most of you know that I have a serious obsession with eventually remodeling a vintage travel trailer and hitting the ole' dusty....well today I found my design inspiration from this Teeny-Tiny Texas Travel Trailer...
After remodeling a reclaimed 1981 aluminum Avion, the trailer was featured on apartment therapy in 2009, but I recently discovered all of it's amazingness while scouring my new favorite website pinterest.
Big thanks to Courtny, her husband and their dog for giving me the motivation to start searching Craigslist for my very own mobile abode. I mean seriously, what am I waiting for? 


  1. Yo Whitney,

    I am currently living in a vintage Airstream trailer a short way up the road in topanga canyon. I also have a nice deck, a brilliant view, and a guest room that Max and I are fixing up this weekend.

    I would love to have you up and see if you can provide any inspiration if and when you'd like.



  2. You are my soul brother! I'm actually going to look at a 1973 12ft travel trailer to buy and renovate this weekend! Invite me up anytime....and I'll keep sending you inspiration. Cheers,

  3. What the what??!!! Cortny here! I can't believe this! I was just googling vintage travel trailers and stumbled across our old abode. We have since sold that one and are now about to buy a 14 footer for short trips. (Of course I will be gussying her up also! You have to travel in style.) Good luck with your project! I'll check back for pictures :)