Manic Monday's ~ Sayulita Styles

This Friday my boyfriend and I will be getting out of L.A. and spending 4 days in Sayulita, Mexico. We've rented an amazing house which I posted about in February (here). Soon we'll be sipping fresh margaritas pool side at our very own hacienda. But, alas I still need to pack, which translates to 'I need to go shopping', because all of a sudden everything in my closet looks just...blah.
So, below is a shopping list per se, that looks exactly how I hope our vacation feels: exploratory, carefree, relaxed and jovial.  

1. Fossil Sasha Bag: $148
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Color Block DCD Dress - Lobster Red: $598
3. Forever21 Large Brim Hat: $12.80
4. Aryn K. Lightweight Military Coat: $89
5. Cooperative Loop Sandal: $28
6. Volcom Striped Swimsuit: $98
7. BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jean - Yellow: $58
8. Heritage 1982 Split Collar Woven Shirt - White: $18.90
9. Will Leather Goods Blanket Backpack: $258
10. Forever21 Sunglasses: $5.50
11. Forever21 Antiqued Egyptian Bangles: $7.50
12. Revlon 'Moon Drops' Orange Flip Lipstick: $8
13. Sephora To-Go Palatte "Bronze Tones": $15

Adios! xx

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