Homeaway (from home) Friday ~ Aloha Hilo, Hawaii

I've only been to Hawaii on a few different occasions, and each time I've visited, I've stayed on Oahu. But the next time I go, I'm making it a point to go to the Big Island and stay here.  Starting at $245 a night, I'd be bonkers not to pack up my yoga mat, a few good friends and go.
This gorgeous three-bedroom house is hugged by the Wailuku River and bordered by a Hawaiian rain forest. There are hot and cold soaking tubs, views of a 25' waterfall and un-limited tranquility. The two and a quarter acre estate is located at the very end of the  road, making it feel like your staying on your own private island.
Get me there: The closest airport is Hilo (but you can also fly into Kona). From Hilo you just turn right at the stop light. Turn left at the next light. Go about a mile along Hilo Bay. There are a few more lefts and rights, then you cross a wooden bridge and go to very end of the road, through chain- link gate, and your onto the property in 15 minutes or less.
Give me something more: Personally, I'd cozy up with a good book, drink lots of tea and do some yoga. But if your looking for something more, the house is about 1 mile from old historic Hilo town and Hilo Bay. You are also close to Onekahakaha Beach, Leleiwi Beach  and Richardson Ocean Park (also be sure to take a drive over to the white-sand beaches along the Kohala Coast). Still want more? Make sure to check out Volcanoes National Park, but again, if I were you, I'd spend my time at the house, jumping back and forth between my own private soaking tubs..... 
Have a great weekend

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