Inner-City Escape L.A. - Brewery Artwalk and Yamashiro Farmers Market

This weekend most everyone I know will be heading out to the desert for Coachella, but personally I'm looking forward to staying behind and exploring a less crowed Los Angeles. There are two different events topping my weekend itinerary. The first is the Yamashiro Garden Market and the second is The Brewery Artwalk, but lets start with Yamashiro because that happens tomorrow (and every Thursday until September).

1. The Yamashiro Garden Market (same thing as a Farmers market) takes place on Thursday nights from 5-9:30pm. Its the only evening farmers market that I know of, and I think more should follow suit. Those of you who have been to Yamashiro (the iconic Hollywood sushi resturant) know that it has the most exceptional views of Los Angeles. Perched high in the Hollywood Hills you can buy local produce, sip on some wine or just enjoy local music while looking out over the Hollywood skyline. They also just opened Pagoda Bar, an outdoor lounge near the pool, serving specialty cocktails like the scrumptious Q-Tea: a refreshing blend of Cucumber Water, Agave Nectar, Fresh Lemon Juice and Oolong infused Vodka. So after you've picked up your weekend produce and chowed at a local vendor (most people will recommend the $6 taco plate) have a night cap under the stars. 
Note to all the men reading this post: Its also a perfect (inexpensive / creative) date night.
Get Me There: The market is located in the parking lot of Yamashiro Sushi (1999 N. Sycamore Ave. Hollywood, CA 90068). Here's the deal with parking. If you get there early enough you can valet at Yamashiro for $2 with validation (this is what I recommend), if not they direct you down to La Brea to catch a free shuttle. Or, if like myself you live in Hollywood, just walk. Its supposed to be 75 on Thursday. Enjoy the night (and cocktails) without hesitation.
2. The Brewery Art Walk is a bi-annual open studio event at the worlds largest art complex in downtown L.A. It was converted from the industrial buildings of an old Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery and bottling plant (Quick: alert the Hipsters) and is now home to over 100 resident artists. So not only will you be able to buy their original works at studio prices, you'll also know where the live. (I hope that didn't sound too creepy). From 11am - 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend wonder the large complex and enjoy all types of art, from skate decks to sneakers, prints to paintings, sculpture to interactive art. Entrance is free and parking is plentiful so why not call on your inner creative and get inspired. 
Get Me There: The Brewery is location at 2100 N. Main Street right off of Hwy 5.  Now go get you artsy on and enjoy! 
Have a great weekend. Cheers!

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