Beautiful Bermuda

As a continuation of my post last Friday (here) I've decided to load you up with all you'll need to have a amazing 3 day weekend on the beautiful island of Bermuda. So where ever you are, pack a bag full of layering items (weather moves fast in the mid- Atlantic), some sunscreen and a good book. Jump the red eye from CA or a early morning flight from NY. You'll be sipping on a Dark 'N' Stormy by sunset...
{Warwick Long Beach}
Day 1: You'll most likely arrive by noon-ish. Tickets are especially cheap from NY but almost everyone can get a good deal if they play their cards right. Whatever you do, book a window seat, the approach is pretty spectacular.  Once you land, it takes about 40 min to get your bags and get through customs. Cabs line up outside the airport and it'll cost you about $30 and 20 minutes to get into downtown Hamilton. Hungry? Make sure to have the cab driver stop by Art Mel's on your way from the airport (the cab driver will know it. promise). Call in an order (441-295-3965) for a Raisin Tarter Hot Fish Sandwich and be ready to have your taste buds fall in love. This is a locals only take out spot, but a Bermudian must do. 
{Art Mel's Raisin Tarter Hot}
Not one for lightly fried fish?....then head straight to Dorothy's Coffee Shop for a burger that chowhound coins the "classic coffee shop hamburger, with no gimmicks" aka its really good.  What to know: Ask for 'the works'. You can only sit at the bar. Get grilled onions. There are no fries. Order a milk shake. Enjoy.
{The Works Burger}
Ready for a post food comma nap? (I promise not all the food on the island will be this massive). Personally I loved the Fairmont Hamilton Princess for my stay. Reasonably priced, comfy beds, big white robes, great views, the islands best fish chowder and attentive service. Check-in, nap and relax, then when your ready walk off your lunch and stroll down front street to downtown Hamilton. Fun shops, nice harbor views and fresh ocean air. Top off the evening with a cocktail and a sunset on the deck of the Harbourfront Restaurant.
{The Fairmont Hamilton Princess}
{Front Street, Hamilton}
 {Front St. at night from harbor}
Day 2 & 3 after the break...
Day 2: Wake up...whenever you wake up...and walk across the hotel parking lot to Smatt's and rent a scooter. This is the only way to see the island. You can't rent cars in Bermuda and taxis are expensive, but a scooter gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Once you are all suited up, head to the south side of the island and enjoy a beach hop. My personal favorite place to read a book and be alone is Warwick Long Bay at the east end of the beach and Jobson's Cove. If you'd rather snorkel the Fairmont Southhampton has the perfectly protected private beach (East Whale Beach). There is a dive shop right there, loads of lounge chairs and a beach side bar which can be fun for a post snorkel 'swizzle'. (Note: Even if you opt out of renting a scooter, the Fairmont has a ferry service from one property to the other, and you can enjoy the facilities at both. In the off chance that your trip is spoiled by a tropical rain, the Fairmont Southhampton has an amazing spa where you can easily spend an entire day.) That said, when your getting ready to call it a day, take the long road home and continue to explore parks and beaches along South Road . When that road comes to an end, follow Middle road to western tip of the island, where you should take some time exploring the Royal Naval Dockyard. From there you can take your scooter on the public ferry back to Hamilton (its an additional $4). Head back to the hotel, shower up and treat yourself to a nice dinner at Bolero Brasserie on Front St. If you make a reservation, ask for a table on the deck or one with a view, its a great place to watch the sunset. 
 {Warwick Long Bay}
 {Fairmont Southhampton Beach - East Whale Beach}
  {Fairmont Southhampton Beach - East Whale Beach}
 {Fairmont Southhampton Spa}
{Royal Naval Dock Yard}
 {Bolero on Front St. in Hamilton}
DAY 3: The last flight out of Bermuda is at approx 4pm. So that gives you all morning to enjoy the island. On my trip in March, I found a great morning hike/cave swim/see the other half of the island scooter loop that helped me feel like I got a full day of fun, out of just four hours. Try to wake up a little early, grab a coffee and jump on the scooter. Head east on South Road towards Tuckers Town. Pull off and enjoy John Smith's Bay, another stunning secluded beach, before taking off on Harrington Sound Rd.  After winding along, you'll see a sign for Tom Moore's Tavern (one of the oldest, nicest and most expensive restaurants on the island). Park in the restaurant parking lot and...well...this is where it gets a bit tricky so listen closely.
Hike down the red dirt trail to the left of the restaurant, continue down this path till you get to a fork in the road. Stay LEFT. You'll go up and over a small hill into a grassy opening. There will be a pond on your right. Walk towards it and you'll see the trail continue to the left of the pond. Follow it up and around. This is called Tom Moore's Jungle, and in Tom Moore's Jungle you'll find (to the right side) a cave that you can swim in. Kinda spooky but very, very cool. Towel off, head back to the hotel, return your scooter then cab to the airport. Trust me, it'll feel like you've had the vacation of a life time.
 {John Smith's Bay Beach}
{Tom Moore's Tavern}
{The Mouth of The Cave}
 {The Cave}
{The Plunge}
{The Scooter. Hop On!}

Other Notes:
-I was in Bermuda in mid-march and it felt as if I had the entire island to myself, but I hear that when the cruise ship season starts in May, downtown Hamilton can become a bit of a zoo, but fear not the obnoxious tourist, locals tell me if you rent a scooter (which I obviously by now recommend) and head to the South Shore, generally speaking you can still find an empty beach to call your own, even in the high season.
-While driving the scooter, don't feel pressured to  speed up or move over. Locals will pass you if they really want to. Also be extra careful if its wet out or if there is some sand in the road, these things may cause the scooter to be a bit more slippery.
-Tip is included. Generally 15% and you don't need to leave additional tips.
-Food can be pricey on the island but stop into a local market and pick up some wine or Goslings Dark Rum & Barritts Ginger Beer and make your own dark'n'stormy to enjoy in the room.
-If you've been and I've misses a killer secret spot, please leave a comment and let me know! xo

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  1. I love your blog! :) I can't wait to go to Bermuda now, great entry. :)