HomeAway (from home) Fridays ~ Venice Beach

One of the things I love to hate about L.A., is it's size, scope and sprawl, but when we have days like today, and it’s close to 80° in March, all of sudden it all feels quite alright. Its this type of weather that that reminds me L.A. is large enough to take a vacation and never have to leave the city. So jump out of bed, pack a beach bag and head west to your HomeAway from Home in LA's own Venice Beach. 
This 3 bedroom Balinese bungalow is the perfect beat-the-heat retreat. There are extra rooms to bring your friends and the perfect backyard to throw the ultimate beach BBQ (did I mention the jacuzzi and fire pit?). A four block walk to adorable Abbott Kinney and just a few blocks from that...the infamous Venice Beach. Rates start at $230 and it books up fast, so book (here) now.
{the living space}
{the master}
{the indoor /outdoor}

Get Me There: If you are from LA this is kind of a no-brainer, but the real secret lies in the fastest way to get from the East, to the West. Coming from the Hollywood Hills take Highland or La Brea down to Venice Blvd. Then head east until you hit Lincoln. Take right on Lincoln then a left on Vernon and wha-laa you've arrived. On a good day it takes 40 minutes (trust me. there isn't a faster way. I've tried 'em all). On a bad day, an hour, but the beach breeze and laid back Venetian attitude makes it all worth it.

Give Me Food: Simple: Gjelina. I know I preach about cooking at home, but make sure you reserve one of your west side nights for Gjelina. Its amazing, you'll probably have to wait, but again it's worth it. After your done with dinner wonder down Abbott to the  Tasting Kitchen for a post dinner cocktail. My personal favorite is the 'brave heart', but every drink is perfection, just take a look (here). On whichever night you aren't eating on Abbott load up on yummy summer veggies at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, grab a bottle of wine from Venice Beach Wines on Rose and fire up the grill.  The best part about this vacation rental is its open airy living spaces and uber generous back yard. Light some candles, play a great mix on your ipod and stay up late taking a tub under the stars. 

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