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As much as we all wish we had unlimited vacation days, the truth is that sometimes, there just isn't enough time, to get us out of LA. So, to counter the busy weekend blues, I've been collecting great inner-city escapes that only take a few hours but help satisfy that need for a big city reprieve.
Discretely hidden in the Holmby Hills is one of LA's best kept secrets. The former estate of Frederick R. Weisman turned museum and foundation, now offers daily private tours of one of the most exclusive contemporary art collections in the world.
Disguised behind an oversize ivy-ed gate, the home reveals a masterful collection that is overflowing with exclusive art ranging from Rothko, Kooning, Miro, Dali, Pollock, Kline, Haring, Lichtenstein, Picasso and more. (Many, many, many, many, many more.) Everything from an Allen Jones coffee table, to a basket of eggs by Ken Price, to all ten of Andy Warhol's Marylins or a Kenneth Noland trapezoidal abstract dangling from the ceiling (because they ran out of wall room), this is a not to be missed art experience.
So skip the crowds at the LACMA or the cold architecture of the MOMA and come HERE instead. Trust me...Your eyes (and intellect) will thank you for it.
Get Me There:  First, please note that tours are available by appointment only. The address and directions will be provided to you once you have been confirmed. It is part of the foundation's honorable efforts to keep the neighborhood as tranquil as it was when they lived there. The tour takes an hour and a half and is an intimate affair with approximately eight other art goers. The docents are extremely helpful and happy to answer all of your questions. Best of all....its free! 

Give Me Food: Considering Frederick R. Weisman made is fortune by developing Hunt Foods, maybe the best way to honor him is to go to Ralph's, buy a can of tomatoes and make a pasta. Although, if you are enjoying the exclusive 'north of Sunset' elite status, another place to replenish is the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills hotel (just be sure to make a reservation beforehand, this restaurant is guaranteed to be a scene). 

Long live (LA) art!

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