Baja Glamping ~ Cabanas Cuatrocuatros ~ Mexico

I'm a lover of all parts of Mexico, but Baja in particular is such a short jaunt from LA, it lives in a special category.  The wine country just outside of Ensenada has been tempting me lately, and Cabanas CuatroCuatros may have just pushed me over the edge! Two hours South of San Diego, which makes it only four hours from LA, this 14 cabana settlement - has it all figured out - and a winery to boot. 

Each of the wood, cotton and steel luxury cabañas were installed with air conditioning, a mini bar, a fireplace, private baths and decks overlooking the vineyard - the only thing you won't have is a TV - but honestly, who needs it! If you are not comfortable driving across the boarder, the hotel can help schedule a pick up from San Diego, or if you are real fancy - there is a private airstrip for your private plane. Once you are there they can arrange sailing trips, surfing expeditions, buggy tours of the property, golfing, wine tasting, fishing... literally the list goes on and on. Rates start around $200 a night with a two night minimum on weekends - the rates are only slightly higher in during August for the wine harvest. 

Photos Courtesy of Cabanas Cuatrocuatros facebook

Adios! #gmoola

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