Traveling Light

A co-worker once told me that her goal in life is to be able to travel light - "You know - breeze down the speed way in a crisp trench, ballerina flats and a great pair of sunglasses, with a iPhone in hand and a not too heavy carry-on flung effortlessly over my should". The irony of it all, was that she told me this anecdote as we stumbled off our flight to Sundance a few weeks back. With overflowing purses, 3 too many coats, and some seriously overweight luggage, we looked more like Goofy-goes-on-vacation than trendy travelistas, but the truth is I too share her goal and lucky for us I recently stumbled this:'s guide to Packing Light. Not only do I now know what to pack, I also have a new blog to read on my flight!

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