Hotel Crush ~ Rosewood Mayakoba

In case you haven't noticed - I've been completely obsessed with booking a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula - mostly because Virgin America flies direct from LAX to Cancun - but also because I keep stumbling upon the most amazing hotels. This week it's Rosewood Mayakoba, located a half an hour south of Cancun, this ridiculously nice 1,600-acre resort embodies a maze of limestone canals, lagoons, pools and private beaches - of which electric-powered launches will shuttle you to one of the 128 modernist suites, with private plunge pools, outdoor garden showers and rooftop decks aka. Heaven. 
But (and its a rather big 'but') with rates starting around $700 (yes, hundred) a night - so I may need to pocket this weekend retreat for a very special occasion. Valentine's Day 2013 anyone?


  1. annnnnnnnnnd, I just added another place to my list!

  2. Lets make up a reason to go.... I'm dying over this place!