Hotel Crush ~ Teepees in British Columbia

Located deep in the majestic Canadian Rockies, my current hotel crush has me playing my favorite Fleetwood Mac song on repeat while simultaneously putting daisy chains in my hair. 
With rates as low as $42 a night for your very own teepee, the Goldenwood Lodge has what it takes to turn any stressed out SoCal native into a bonafide bohemian babe.
What? Teepees not your thing?  No problem! The Goldenwood Lodge is also home to six beautiful 1 to 3 beadroom cottages, all with custom made furniture, fully equipped kitchenettes, fire places and balconies (Not to mention endless views of the 5 neighboring national parks). Built by a Swedish couple in 1995 everything is completely sustainable and eco-friendly. Their only goal was to build a place where visitors can slow down, relax and connect with nature....and from the looks of it...they've done a really good job.  It looks even more amazing in the winter. 


  1. Have you been here & how much is a plane ticket roundtrip.



  2. Hey Peter,
    I haven't been (yet) but I'm looking into going this fall. R/T tickets from LAX to Calgary Canada are approx $300.
    Check out the lodges trip advisor reviews for more details:

    Thanks for reading my blog!!!