Glamping - The Sequoia High Sierra Camp

Other than my reckless use of the term 'Glamping', there is nothing - not - to - love about The Sequoia High Sierra Camp in California’s Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park.  Call me crazy but it feels like it just jumped out of a Ralph Lauren ad and straight into my heart...
From the Pendleton throw blankets, to the daily maid service, to the indoor - outdoor dinning hall with a menu that includes a Grilled endive salad, Muscovy Duck Breast and  Warm Mountain Berry Crumbles (just to name a few), the vacationary pay off will be well worth the 5 hour drive
Towering 8,000 feet above sea level, the camp consists of 36 eco-friendly canvas cabins situated among towering red fir and lodgepole pines. Rates start as low as $250, which includes 3 meals a day and endless miles of high sierra hiking trails. Guest are encouraged to pack light, so the hotel provides the linens and towels which is great beacue you won't want a heavy bag considering the only way to get there is to hike! Luckily there are two routes to choose from:  either a 12 mile trail for the adventurous mountaineers among us, or a 1 mile stroll for the city slickers. No matter how you get there, once you arrive there will be no cell phone reception, but what hell... isn't that why you've come all this disconnect? Enjoy it. The emails will be there on Monday. Trust Me. 

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