Yurt Camping - Santa Barbara

I'm a huge fan of Yurts. There is just something about 'em. It might be their circular structure and wood lattice-frame, or it could be their Mongolian heritage, or maybe its just the way it rolls off your tongue: Yurt! For whatever the reason, they are my current obsession, and lucky for us there are 3 rentable yurts along the shore of Santa Barbara's beautiful Lake Cuchuma for just $60 a night. 
I'll admit, the yurts on Lake Cuchuma fit somewhere between glamping at the Treebones Resort and sleeping in a Tee Pee tent on the dirt. Nevertheless, the three lakeside abodes provide a camping experience with homey comforts (not to mention lakeshore access and spectacular views). The yurts all including platform beds to sleep 5 or 6, a lockable door, inside lighting and heating, screened windows and canvas siding. All you'll need to bring is your sleeping bag, a pillow, fixings for the grill and of course S'Mores for the BarBee. 
The Yurts can be reserved year-round up to 6 months in advance and there is a non-refundable $20 reservation fee.  If you plan to go on a weekend there is a 2-night minimum stay, and a 3-night minimum for all major holidays (I kind of think a lake side Thanksgiving could be extraordinary). For reservations call (805) 686-5050 Monday through Friday, 10 am - 3 pm. They are just another reason to love our California State Parks!

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