LAX's Food Face Lift

According to the LA Times, LAX may soon be getting a much needed culinary face lift.  Following in the footsteps of the far superior Terminal 2 at SFO, airport officials awarded contracts on Monday to some of SoCals best eateries. As long as the city council doesn't stand in the way, we could soon be chomping on the elite edibals of Govind Armstrong's  8oz. Burger, Neil Fraser's Grace, Mark Peel's Campanile and Jimmy Shaw's Loteria Grill. YUM!  
But thats not all.... if all goes to plan, terminals 7 and 8 would gain the lush libations of Seven Grand, the grub of  BLD, Marmalade Cafe and the Counter, the sweet treats of Yogurtland and the java of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Don't fret my my American Airlines loyalists, Terminal 4 would add Cole's famous french dip sandwiches, a L.A. Gourmet Street Truck station, La Provence Patisserie & Cafe, Real Food Daily and Starbucks....this is soooooo much better than my current LAX layover staple (an overpriced watered down airport bloody mary) that I think I just drooled all over my desk. 
2012 couldn't come quicker for LA travelers! 

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