HomeAway (from Home) Fridays ~ Brooklyn Bungalow

When I first started writing my weekly "Homeaway (from home)" vacation rental post, I really just spent my time looking at and But now it seems like almost every day there is a new and alternative rental site that grabs my attention. 
 For example, companies like or will arrange for you to live in the spare room of an apartment / home whose owners remain in residence (aka even if the owner isn't home during your stay, theirs clothes will still be in the closets). Other programs like,, and will allow you to couch surf for free. And home-exchange programs like or will enable you to live in someone else's foreign home while they stay in yours. Over whelmed yet? Sure. Excited about the budget friendly options, possibilities to make new friends and absorb different cultures? Abso-*&@*-lutly!  And today I'm especially excited about this gorgeous little Brooklyn Bungalow listed on for only $175 a night!
This cozy 1 bedroom cottage located in Brooklyn's Park Slope South is the perfect combination of rural charm and urban style. It has its own private entrance, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a full size sleeper sofa, a bedroom with a queen size bed, and I almost forgot to mention its sun room and beautiful garden / patio space with table and chairs so you can eat outside on a hot New York summer night and enjoy! For those of you who want to explore the city during your stay, the subway is only 1.5 blocks away (F, N, R, and M) and you can get into lower Manhattan in 10-15 minutes. They even leave a Subway map on the coffee table for you for when you arrive. Cute!  
 Oh! Did I has free WiFi! Now go get your city on! 

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