Homeaway (from home) Friday ~ Mountain Mama

I'm getting out of LA this weekend and heading to the mountains to enjoy some spring skiing and good times with old friends. While I'll be couch surfing in Lake Tahoe, I've found the perfect mountain getaway for you and yours. This adorable A-frame is one of only 2 dwellings on 20 acres of private land near Bass Lake, California and for just $220 a night you get more peace and silence than money can buy.
Located within the Sierra National Forest at an elevation of 7000 feet, the property is surrounded by amazing meadows, secret swimming holes and hiking trails. Similar to last Friday's post, this house is also entirely off the gird.  
Get me there: Located about 5 hours outside of LA and bordering Yosemite National Park you won't be bothered by...well...anything. Make a good mix (I recommend of blend of the Allmen Brothers, Black Keys, and maybe some Etta James), pack up some snacks and play M.A.S.H or punch buggy.  I mean honestly, who doesn't love a good road trip.

Give me food: Be sure to stop at Safeway, because this remote cabin isn't close to... well...anything. Just make sure marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are on your list. The fire pit has me craving a s'more

Give me something more: How about a walk in meadow, a hike to a glacier pool or maybe just a good book, in a great chair with an awesome view.

Have a great weekend! xx


  1. That has my name written all over it!

  2. Whitney, although I can't do half your getaways just yet ( do to babe) I am planning on doing at least half of what you suggest at some point. Loving your blog lad! - rhiannon

  3. Rhiannon! I need to meet this ADORABLE babe. So happy you are loving the blog! I'll try to find some baby friendly vacations too! xx, Whit