Homeaway (from home) Friday - Off The Grid

First an apology, for leaving you stuck in LA for the past week with no new posts and no where to go. As I'm sure you all know (or noticed), it was Oscar week and I was consumed by all things Hollywood. Anxiously attending parties a plenty and events galore, all building up to the final event: The Oscars.  Long story short, its my job, and Sunday was amazing!  That said, Monday morning I awoke to a record setting champagne hangover and the yearning to (seriously) get out of LA. Luckily, I've found the perfect place to recharge. A two bedroom, completely off the grid home in Pioneertown, California, and for as low as $300 a night its got me ready to giddy up and Get Out!
This architectural modern masterpiece is 100% solar powered and the ultimate big city refuge. The home should have a dedicated cover of Dwell magazine and the ultimate i-pad addicted owner. It pays homage to all the key green principals:  a small footprint, minimal disturbance to the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, use of renewable resources, and living simply and minimally (something all of us in LA could learn from). 
Get me there: A little over 2 hours away from downtown LA, the 'ithouse' sits on 5 acres of perfectly private high desert landscape. It is the same route you'd take to Joshua Tree, but instead of taking a right into the park, you take a left on Pioneertown Road and journey out ten more miles to your secluded desert retreat.  

Give me food: I doubt I could get much further than the bed on this weekend reprieve (and why would you need to with a view like that), but either way I'm a huge fan of stopping off at the local grocery store a stocking up on wine and cheese for an uninterrupted weekend of solitude. If you just can't handle the silence and serenity, jump in your car and head back to Pioneertown to Pappy and Harriets for some late night libations. Its well know for always being a good time.

Let me sleep: For hours and hours, only to be disturbed by the  light of the moon. Or for you night owls, stay up and star gaze while sitting by the outside fireplaces. This home is the ulitmate in indoor / outdoor space. 


  1. Whit-
    This looks amazing!

  2. Am-azzzzzzzzing! Let get to the desert soon.

  3. Tara Rodgers-CulbertsonMarch 4, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Nice!!! Good find Whit..

  4. Amazeballs for daysballs...let me know when you guys need a couple to defry costs on the 2 bdrm. Team Amin is in. - YA

  5. LOVE THIS FIND... what fun to be surround literally by mother nature...camping but not. I bet the stars are amazing!