Carmagedon Take II

Slightly inspired by a Social Media Week travel panel I attend - I've taken to Twitter to come up with some Carmagedon stay-in-LA inspiration.

@DiscoverLA is encouraging eastsiders to curse along Cesar Chavez and Soto Avenue to explore some of LA's famous murals.
@RitzCarlton is recommending we all head south and escape the traffic with a weekend get away to @RCLaugnaNiguel for a beach weekend... Doesn't that look nice!
@HollywoodBowl is helping concert goers like myself Park&Ride to the Wilco show this Sunday. Traffic never deters me from the last summer concert of the season!
Finally, me, @WKimmel  suggests that WestSiders go wine tasting in Malibu for the day (previously posted about here). That way you'll never have to go further east than the PCH.

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