Rainy Day ~ ACE Hotel Crush

This morning Los Angeles woke up to the sound of pattering rain, a few and far between awakening for a SoCal resident. When I finally dragged myself out of the warmth of my bed, I coaxed my boyfriend into a walk in the rain to get a perfect Intelligentsia latte, all before jumping in my car to sit in traffic for an hour to get to work (I mean, honestly LA - its just water). But along the way I got to thinking about how cozy and wonderful the rain made me feel, and it inspired to me find a hotel crush in one of our country's rainiest cities - Portland Oregon
I love the Ace Hotel Group. Their digs in Palm Springs is one of my favorite GetMeOutofLA getaways, but nothing can touch an original ~ which is why their hotel in historic downtown Portland makes the perfectly cozy rainy day hotel crush. With rates as low as $155  there is nothing I'd rather do than bundel up in a pendelton blanket, order room serivce and enjoy one of their 79 pet-friendly rooms. Maybe once the cabin fever hits, I'll wander next door to their event space The Cleaners - to catch a DJ or even a live show, but most likely I'll just cuddel up with a good read and a big cup of joe.  
Oh, and if the sun happens to shine. Rent a specially-outfitted-for-Portland Swobo bike from the hotel. Its free!  
Finally, this link is for the ladies - Check out this adorable ACE wedding featured on their blog!  

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