Malibu's Hidden Hindu Temple - Inner-City Escape

As you may remember, earlier this year I was surprised to find a fuax-ghoast town deep in Malibu mountains. Today, I was equally surprised to find out that the very same mountains have another seemingly-out-of-place secret: a hidden Hindu Temple.
Built in 1981, you may recognize it from a cameo in Beverly Hills Ninja or one of Brittany Spears's baby blessings. But on any given day this beautiful temple offers a serine escape from the city, while providing space for meditation and picknicking. It even has a full stage for special cultural and Hindu programs...
Get Me There: Located in the Malibu Mountains of Calabasas its a quick drive up the 101 or the PCH.  
When Do I Go:  The temple is open every day of the year, with Monday - Friday summer hours of 9:00a to 12:30 Noon & 5 to 8p. But on Weekends its open from 8a to 8p
What Do I Bring: I quite mind, and shoes that are easy to slip off... most people enjoy the temple bare foot. You can also leave your wallet at home because there is no admission and parking is free... I feel relaxed already!

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