Homeaway (from home) Fridays

Don’t get me wrong, I'll never turn down a great hotel (especially the breakfast in bed), but most the time I’d rather not bother with ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs or those unavoidable knocks from house keeping. There is just something about stocking the fridge with your personal favorites, sleeping in as late as you want and not having to worry about the neighboring room leaving their TV on too loud. I'm not going to lie, the thought of sleeping in someone else’s sheets freaked me out, until I was turned on to my current obsession It can take hours to search sites like, and to uncover the hidden gems, so luckily now you can leave that up to me. 

Every Friday I’m going to share a home away from home that is just too great to keep to myself. So lets get started with a 2 bed / 2 bath, mid-century, eco-friendly oasis near the heart of Palm spring for as low as $195 a night. 
There is everything to love about this weekend retreat. From the free wireless internet, to the big gas grill, to the perfectly placed fire pit, to the L-shaped pool and jacuzzi. During your stay the owners happily share their two beach cruisers with you. So, top off a perfect afternoon with a ride downtown for dinner or to the Ace Hotel for bar time Bingo. Sold? Click here to reserve now...

Get me there: Just under 2 hours from downtown LA, its a straight shot east on the10. There is just something about the quiet nights, clear skies and dry desert heat that makes Palm Springs the perfect weekend get away.  Make sure to take a pit stop at Hadley Fruit Orchards to enjoy their world famous Banana and Date Shake. The drive always makes me wish I had a convertible or a vintage airstream, and as soon as you drive down the main strip, you'll understand why.

Give me food: The blessing of being on your own, is no one is there to charge you an arm and a leg for a half bottle of Chardonnay or judge you for eating all the M&M's from the mini bar, so head to the local grocery and stock up. Hands down, Jensen’s Market, is the best grocery store in the desert.  On par with Gelson's and Bristol Farms, this store has a similar look and feel. There is no need to worry about packing the staples
from your kitchen, the owners make sure you have the basics like salt & pepper, ketchup & mustard, jam, coffee, tea etc.

Let me sleep: in a really comfortable bed (albeit someone else’s) or enjoy the stars, drink too much wine or have one too many martinis and fall sleep in a lounge chair by the salt water pool... I'm relaxed just thinking about it.

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  1. I want to go!!! when are we going ton Vacation?!?!? This is great and I am loving it.